A Question from TOEFLer, “What pronunciation lessons do you have and how can I access them?”

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT

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Do you practice your English pronunciation daily?
Do you practice your English pronunciation daily?

Listen to this post:  A Question from TOEFLer What pronunciation lessons do you have and how can I access them


The following comment appeared yesterday: “In fact, your programmes are very fruitful for us as learners. But some difficulties appear to me that i cann’t reach easily to your lessons. espacailly for pronunciations’ lessons can you show me the best procedures?”

The links under “Categories” are where you will find blog posts relevant to pronunciation. Sometimes, you have to click on the link twice before the page properly displays the specific category you are seeking.  I have no idea why that happens. Maybe one of you can help me fix this problem.  Help!  Anyone?

The purpose of this post is to make my pronunciation lessons and tips easier to access:

Currently, I have two full-length lessons to help you with TOEFL iBT pronunciation: word stress, and sentence rhythm.

Additionally, I have TOEFL iBT pronunciation tips:

1. How to avoid word stress shifts

2. Comparing Vowel Sounds “Rook,” “Rule,” and “Rut”–[U], [u], and [ʌ]

3. Beach and Bitch, Sheet and Shit! “Did I just say two curse words?”

4. Several Tips on How You Can Reduce Your Non-Native Speaker Accent

5. “Can” versus “Can’t”

6. Pausing, Phrasing, and Grouping

7. How to Improve your Sentence Rhythm

8. Do You Have Any Trouble With Word Stress When You Speak English?

9. Take my Pronunciation Challenge; Improve your Pronunciation Today

10. Do You Know How to Pronounce the [p] and [b] Consonant Sounds?

11. A Case Study of 22 Non-Native Speakers

12. “F” and “V” Consonant Sounds: Practice Exercises

13. Learn How to Improve your Pronunciation of the “T” and “D” Consonants

14. Improve your TOEFL iBT Speaking and Pronunciation Today!

15. Listen to the song and fill in the missing words.

16. Beware of Mono-syllabic Words

17. What Pronunciation Goals Should You Set Before Taking the TOEFL iBT?

18. “Pronunciation Tips for vowel sounds “beat” versus “bit”

19. Modal Auxiliaries and Helping Verbs

For more information, go here:

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT

Exam!” “I want my lesson now!”

Watch Video: Learn about S.T.E.A.L.T.H.

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