Mock TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test

Today, you can take a Mock TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test.

Mock TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test

What will I find in the video on this web page?

The below video includes the following:

  • Instructions on how to complete this Mock TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test
  • Reading and listening passages about the Atkins Diet
  • Example response from a student who scored 22/30 pts
  • Error-correction comments on the student’s essay

What can I learn after completing a Mock TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test?

I recommend that you complete your integrated writing practice BEFORE seeing my error correction of the student’s essay. Then you can compare what you wrote to the example essay in the video. Ask yourself several important questions as you compare your essay to the corrected one:

Did I

  • write a complete and accurate response showing the relationship between the most important points in the listening passage to the most important ones in the listening passage?
  • use transition words after key junctures to show how my ideas are organized?
  • use mostly 20-30 word sentences with some shorter sentences here and there?
  • have good control over my vocabulary and grammar?
  • write approximately 250-350 words so that my integrated response is developed adequately?

If your essay resembles the example one in the video, you are likely to score very high when you register to take the official TOEFL exam.  If your writing skills are not high enough to reach 24+ points, consider sending me an email ( after completing a free writing practice test.

Once I evaluate your writing level, I can recommend a specific course to help you improve your writing and overall academic English proficiency. For example, some students may only need 30 days of TOEFL preparation. However, other students will need 3 months or more before being able to reach their goals.

Complete the TOEFL Integrated Writing Practice Test Right Now.


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