Six TOEFL Speaking Tips

I gave six TOEFL speaking tips to one of my Online TOEFL Course students who sent me the below email:

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the feedback, I would like to explain to you my current situation, and I hope you can help me. 

A few days ago I did an ets mock test and I scored 87, 27 on reading, 25 on listening, 20 on writing, and 15 on speaking. 

During the mock test, I froze on the speaking, and now I´m in panic because I just have 3 weeks to present my real test. 

Can you help me to define a strategy to achieve my goal, which is at least 20, if possible, can we meet during your office hours? 

Six TOEFL speaking tips

To help this student reach his target score, I gave him a TOEFL Strategy to improve from 15 – 20 pts on speaking section of the TOEFL exam.

Six TOEFL Speaking Tips

  1. Improve vocabulary.
  2. Take the grammar pre-test and study weak points.
  3. Spend 45 minutes a day reading.
  4. Spend 45 minutes a day listening.
  5. Study 2-3 pronunciation lessons daily.
  6. Complete daily speaking practice tests and follow my recommendations when you get my feedback.
  • Watch the below video in which I expand on each of these steps in more detail. In the video, I explain that this student most likely will need more than three weeks.
  • In fact, I recommend that his student follow these six TOEFL steps for at least 2.5 months.
  • That time period will give the student enough time to solve the pronunciation issues with rhythm, tone, and word stress that he is having. In addition, he will have enough time to acquire the vocabulary and grammar that he so desperately needs.
  • Finally, as I suggest in the video, this student should be sending me speaking practice tests for me to evaluate and score. Then the student can follow the recommended lessons to improve.


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