TOEFL Resources to Help You

All the TOEFL resources that you need are on this web page. For instance, you can find your TOEFL level if you have not taken the TOEFL exam before.  Moreover, you will be able to complete a free speaking and writing practice test and get them evaluated and scored.  Additionally, you can learn about the shortened version of the TOEFL coming out in August 2019. Finally, you can choose a TOEFL course today if you are ready to begin your journey.

TOEFL Resources
TOEFL Resources

Must-Have TOEFL Resource: Complete a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour practice test to find your level

If you have not taken the TOEFL exam before, you should complete a full-length TOEFL iBT four hour practice test.  Indeed, there are several advantages to completing one of these practice tests:

  • First, you will familiarize yourself with the format of the TOEFL exam.
  • Second, taking the test will help you to develop stamina and concentration needed for a four hour English test.
  • Third, after completing a practice test, you can exactly find your TOEFL level. As a result, I can recommend a specific course if you discuss your results with me by e-mail:

Buy a full-length practice test right now.  It is a lot cheaper to spend $40 to find your TOEFL level than have to spend $200 taking the official exam!

Valuable TOEFL Resources: Take a free speaking and writing practice test and get feedback

If you want to find your exact speaking and writing level, you can complete a practice test for free. I will listen to, read, evaluate, and provide feedback on ONE (and only ONE!) speaking and writing practice test.

  • To complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test, go here.
  • In addition, you can complete a free TOEFL writing practice test at this web page.

Relevant TOEFL Resources: Learn about the new changes happening in August 2019

The TOEFL exam is being shortened by 30 minutes. Furthermore, the speaking section will change from 6 to 4 tasks. Consequently, learn more about these and some other reading and listening changes happening in August 2019.

Choose a TOEFL Course

You are ready to choose a TOEFL course if you

  • Have taken a full-length TOEFL iBT four practice test, including qualified scoring of speaking and writing tasks.
  • Have completed the official TOEFL iBT exam.
  • Know what target score and subtotal scores you need.
  • Want to complete pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests.
  • Need feedback from an experienced TOEFL speaking and writing mentor who can help you score 26+ and 24+.
  • Can afford to pay $45 monthly for these services and unlimited access to more than 700 TOEFL lessons.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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