How many words for TOEFL task 2?

How many words for TOEFL task 2 depends on what type of score you want. Let’s take a look at the requirements of the TOEFL rubrics for task 2. This will help us understand the type of development that is expected during this 30 minute writing task.

How many words for TOEFL task 2?
How many words for TOEFL task 2?

To score 5.0, you will need to do a number of things well:

Decode and explicitly address the writing prompt.

Organize and develop ideas well.

Have unity, progression, and coherence.

Have easy with language, including sentence variety, accurate word choice, and natural sounding English. However, you may have some minor vocabulary or grammatical word errors.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? A closer look at the rubric

Take a look at the rubric a little closer. I’ve highlighted some important words. These words gives us clues to the development expectations.

TOEFL writing rubric for task 2
TOEFL writing rubric for task 2

To get a closer to our answer at how many words for TOEFL task 2, we need to explain four important terms:

Well-developed:  Having a well-developed essay means that you are moving from general ideas in the beginning of a paragraph to more specific points in the middle of the paragraph.

Using clear explanations:  An explanation is a statement or account that you make. The purpose of your explanation is to make your ideas more clear.  Put another away, an explanation is a reason or justification given for a belief that you hold about something.

Having exemplifications: Exemplifications is showing or illustrating by example. The purpose of your example is to prove a point that you are trying to make.

Having details: Using details refer to an specific feature, fact, or item that you may put into the essay in order to help you prove a point.

Progression: Progression refers to developing your ideas through several paragraphs.  To really score high in this area, you can take a single example and use it as an intertwining thread throughout all the body paragraphs.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? What does an essay look like with all of these features?

Now you know that development, exemplifications, details, and progression are important to your reaching a perfect score of 5.0.  It is important for you to see what this type of essay looks like.

Writing Task 2 sample prompt:  Diet, not exercise, is the most important element in maintaining one’s health. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Use details and reasons to support your point of view.

How many words for TOEFL task 2?  The introduction

Everyone wants to be healthy. Without a sense of wellness, people will not be able to study effectively. Having poor health will make it difficult for people to do their jobs competently.  Poor heath will even make it difficult for people to carry out their familial responsibilities. Therefore, how do people maintain the best possible health? Some believe that regular cardiovascular and weight training exercise is an effective way toward optimal health. Others believe that diet is the key to being physically fit.  In my opinion, diet is the single most important part of helping people to have good health. Having a healthy diet helps people to stay lean, it lowers the risks of many cancers, and it even stabilizes mental health. Therefore, indeed, I do agree with the above statement.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? Body paragraph 1

First of all, people who have a healthy diet are more likely to stay lean. To illustrate, unlike a lot of my friends, I weigh only 152 pounds, and I am 5 ft 10 inches tall.  Most of the food I eat comes from a farmer’s market near my house in Southern California.  I usually buy fresh wheat bread, green and red bell peppers, green beans, and corn on the cob.  In addition, the market also has an assortment of fruits such as bananas, strawberries, pears, apples, oranges, and tangerines.  I try to make it a point to to use these fresh organic foods as supplements to my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners that I cook.  Therefore, instead of buying foods that comes from packages, I prepare most of my meals from fresh vegetables and fruits.  I attribute my leanness due to my diet, and, other than walking a little bit during my daily routine, I do not exercise at all.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? Body paragraph 2

Second of all, having a healthy diet lowers the risk of many cancers.  Many studies suggest the diets high in red meat and processed foods such as Cheezits, Goldfish Crackers, and Captain Krunch cereals increase risks of colon, breast, and pancreatic cancers. In addition, those who smoke dramatically increase their risk of lung cancer. The unhealthy habit of chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer.  Due to all of these risks, my parents, my family, and most of my relatives have chosen to eat mostly fresh foods with little or no red meat.  Furthermore, we all abstain from smoking, tobacco, and even alcohol.  Consequently, neither my relatives nor I have been diagnosed with any form of cancer.  I have to believe that our healthy food choices are helping us to live cancer-free lives.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? Body 3

Finally, people who may be susceptible to mental illness can stabilize their brain chemistry through healthy food choices. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with clinical depression. I knew something was wrong since I had been experiencing sadness, negative emotions, and even thoughts of suicide.  I went to the doctor who diagnosed me as being clinically depressed.  She prescribed some medication for me and also suggested a special behavior-changing diet. I eliminated most processed sugars from my diet, for example. Moreover, I continued to stay away from most processed foods and red meats.  Especially staying away from the processed sugars seemed to help stabilize my brain.  Of course, the medication has helped me cope with depression, but my healthy diet is also helping me to stay mentally healthy.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? Conclusion

To sum up, I agree that diet is most important for one’s health.  As I stated, healthy diets reduce obesity, minimize cancer risks, and improve mental health.

How many words for TOEFL task 2? The final word count

The model essay that you just read contains 552 words.  The essay is well developed, uses clear explanations,  has appropriate exemplifications, and displays progression. This essay would score 30/30 points.  Therefore, to answer the question “How many words for TOEFL task 2?”, I suggest that you write between 450-550 words during the thirty minute constraint.

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