Marjun, who subscribed to a TOEFL course a while back, wants a private writing tutor.

Hi, this is Michael, the founder, owner, and materials writer for the course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.” In this post, I will address the following questions you asked me in an E-mail you sent me today: 1)  ” I have a problem to join to Voxopop group.”  2) “I would like to have a private tutor for my writing section.”
Since you are having problems joining my Voxopop Discussion Group and problems viewing the content at my “7-Step System” web site,  most likely you have not downloaded the most recent version of Java, a special software needed to run many web sites including mine. Download this software and then try opening the speaking questions at my web site. Hopefully, this will also solve the problems you are experiencing with my Voxopop Discussion Group.
Regarding your second request, I am happy to be your private tutor to help you identify the writing problems you are having with the independent and integrated writing tasks. However, I do not think I will have enough time to get you ready by June 8, 2012.  Writing is an arduous process requiring writing and rewriting, often reviewing lessons and retaking certain practice tests. I will also be requiring you to work on sentence structure, word choice, punctuation, and other types of editing exercises based on the types of errors you are making. It will take you some time for you to 1) recognize what errors you are making and 2) avoid making them in future writing practice tests.  In fact, I wrote an article on May 12 about a student who used my error correction service.  Read the article to learn about how a student Marium is using my service to improve her writing.
In addition, since I will be making a video of each practice test you submit, you should also watch the following video so you can see how I will be commenting on your essays:
Finally, in terms of pricing, you can learn more about my Error Correction Service by clicking on the hypertext in this sentence. Please note, Marjun, that this additional writing service is only offered to students who are subscribed to “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” and it will usually take me about 2-3 days for me to complete an evaluation and editing of one of the practice tests that you submit.
I look forward to helping you with all your writing needs!

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