R. Silva, who enrolled in an Online TOEFL Course two weeks ago, is having trouble with his language use while completing his speaking and writing tasks.

R. Silva enrolled in an Online TOEFL Course two weeks ago, and, since then, he has been completing speaking and writing practice tests.  After five practice tests, he noticed a pattern: his TOEFL speaking and writing mentor told him that he was scoring lower due to problems with his grammar and vocabulary usage. Wanting to get better, he e-mailed his TOEFL mentor the following message:

Hi, my boss. Then, i think that i have a major problem. I did writing practice, and speaking  practice test  and i had a problem with language usage. What happens is that sometimes i don’t know how a native speaker would express something, so i use portuguese grammar, my native language. But my question is: how could i improve that ? I don’t have the possibility to talk with natives :(. I’m really confident that whether i improve it i can do well on TOEFL, besides other improvements. 
Of course, TOEFL mentor and materials writer for the 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT wanted to help R. Silva improved, so he sent him the following video message:

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