TOEFL level practice exam

In this Blog post, you will learn how to take a TOEFL level practice exam.  Completing a practice test will help you to identify your weak points. In addition, you can learn what your current TOEFL score and subtotal scores are.

TOEFL practice test

Complete an inexpensive full-length TOEFL level practice exam

Before you waste $200 to discover your current TOEFL level, take a full-length TOEFL level practice exam:

  • Find out your current TOEFL score and subtotal reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores
  • Get accustomed to the current TOEFL format, including reading, listening, speaking, and reading question types
  • Practice concentrating in English for 3+ hours or more

Register to take your full-length TOEFL practice test: CLICK HERE

Take a free TOEFL level speaking practice test to find your current level

Have you taken the TOEFL exam several times? Are you struggling to score 26+ on the speaking section? Why not complete a free TOEFL speaking practice test from the owner of this blog who has more than 35 years of TOEFL teaching experience?

Complete your free TOEFL speaking practice test today: CLICK HERE

Complete a free writing practice test to discover your level

Do you want to identify problem areas in your writing that are preventing you from scoring 24+?  Complete a free TOEFL writing practice test from a CSUSB college composition professor who has been helping non-native speaker healthcare professionals for decades: CLICK HERE

Take a free TOEFL grammar practice test

Improving your grammar helps you to improve your language use during the speaking and writing parts of the exam. Take a free TOEFL level practice grammar exam: CLICK HERE

Practice TOEFL level listening exams to monitor your comprehension

The following practice exercises will help you to improve your listening comprehension skills:

Michael Buckhoff

Teaching Experience

Speaking and Writing Feedback Service

Online TOEFL Course

Private Lessons

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