TOEFL Prep Course Online 2019

A TOEFL Prep Course offers speaking and writing feedback as its users prepare for the new August 2019 TOEFL iBT.TOEFL Prep Course

The TOEFL Prep Course is called “The 7-Step System to Pass to the TOEFL iBT.” You can choose among several courses, as you can see here. In addition, you can also join this course without leaving this blog.  Go here.

TOEFL Prep Course Offers Speaking Flexibility

You may find it hard to believe. However, this TOEFL Prep Course allows you to send your qualified speaking mentor speaking practice tests every 24 hours.  After your TOEFL speaking mentor receives your speaking practice, he/she will listen to it. Then s/he will evaluate it using these modified TOEFL Independent and Integrated Speaking Rubrics. Finally, your speaking mentor will score your practice test from 0-30 points. In addition, s/he will recommend specific lessons to help you improve. Here are some other options that make this TOEFL Prep Course attractive:

  • You can get feedback on all practice tests you complete from this web page:  TOEFL Test-Taking Strategies.
  • You can complete speaking practice from Magoosh, TOEFL Resources, NoteFull, TestDen, PrepScholar, or from any other web site. Your “7-Step System” TOEFL speaking mentor will also grade these practice tests.
  • You can complete speaking practice tests from TOEFL Practice Online, and a “7-Step System” speaking mentor will grade those practice tests as well.

In all cases, your “7-Step System” will send you a 3-10 minute audio email message so that you

  • understand why you scored the way you did.
  • get feedback on what practice lessons you should study to improve.
  • learn specific speaking test-taking strategies to perform optimally on the new Aug 2019 speaking section of the TOEFL iBT.

Follow the link to an audio thread of a student who completed an independent speaking practice test.  At 2 minutes and 24 seconds, listen to the student’s speaking practice test and the feedback:

TOEFL Prep Course Allows for Writing Flexibility

Similarly, most TOEFL prep courses do not offer any writing feedback after you complete a writing practice test; however, the “7-Step TOEFL Prep Course” gives you the opportunity to complete ONE independent or integrated writing practice test every 24 hours while you are a student. In addition, you can use STEALTH, Online TOEFL Course, TOEFL Practice Online, Magoosh, NoteFull, BestmyTest, Prep Scholar, or anyone else on the Internet to get your TOEFL independent and integrated writing prompts.  Then write your well-organized and developed response and email it to your “7-Step System” TOEFL writing mentor. Your mentor will read, evaluate, and score your writing practice test.  S/he will also give you some audio comments like the audio that you see below:

Lastly, to help you understand your score, modified ETS independent and integrated writing rubrics are used.

Unlimited access to more than 700 vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, and speaking lessons

What is any TOEFL Prep Course without an online space for practice?  This “7-Step” Online TOEFL Prep Course will give you plenty of practice over an extended period so that you improve your English. Of course, improving your English helps you improve your overall TOEFL score.

As you get speaking and writing feedback from your TOEFL mentor, s/he will recommend specific lessons and practice test exercises.  For instance, if your speaking mentor notices that you are NOT varying your intonation during a speaking practice test, he/she will recommend that you study TOEFL Pronunciation Lessons 36-40, all of which will help you learn the tonal patterns of English.

In the same manner, your TOEFL writing mentor may notice that you have limitations with your sentence variety. Therefore, he/she will recommend that you study TOEFL Grammar Lesson 26, which will help your learn how to use subject-verb inversions, fronted past and present participial phrases, and appositives.

Good luck!

Michael Buckhoff,

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