TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course Offers Pronunciation Feedback.


Unfortunately,  I get many e-mails from students who took the TOEFL exam repeatedly because they could not score 26 points or higher on the speaking. In some cases, these students are not able to reach their target speaking subtotal score because they are not able to speak clearly due to their non-native speaker accents.

Therefore, to address any delivery problems that my students have, students who enroll in my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course complete two pronunciation pre-tests so that I can pinpoint intelligibility problems that students have with vowels, consonants, syllable division and grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, and thought groups and blending.

After my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp students complete a pre-test, I provide 8-20 minutes of feedback so that

  • students will know whether or not delivery problems are dragging down their TOEFL speaking score.
  • students will know which areas of their pronunciation which they need to improve.
  • students can complete targeted voiced recording practice in which they complete. accent-reduction pronunciation exercises, after which they send their audio files to me for evaluation.

In fact, one of my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp students completed a pronunciation pre-test a few days ago.  In the following video, you will see how I provide my accent reduction feedback. Keep in mind that ALL students who join my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course will also get this diagnostic pronunciation profile.

To sum up, if you join my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course, I will score the independent and integrated speaking practice tests that you submit.  Once you are consistently scoring 26+ on the speaking practice tests in my course, then you will know you are ready to take the official TOEFL exam.  As a result, you will not need to use a trial and error method of retaking the TOEFL exam repeatedly until you pass.

Follow the link to join my TOEFL Speaking Boot Camp Course:

I have an unconditional 7-day money back guarantee, so there is no risk in joining my course today.

Good luck!


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