Luis started taking TOEFL lessons four months ago

In December, Luis Ramon started taking TOEFL lessons with an initial score of 67/120. Day after day, week after week, and month after month, Luis begin studying vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, listening, reading, writing, and speaking lessons. Also during this time, he began taking independent and integrated speaking and writing practice tests, each time getting a score, feedback, and recommended lessons to study based on his weaknesses.  He reviewed the recommended lessons and little  by little he began to make modest improvements  in his speaking and writing proficiency. He also improved his listening and reading comprehension. It was a slow, gradual but steady process of learning.

Finally, in March Luis re-took the TOEFL test. Here is an e-mail he sent two days ago:

Hi Micheal!

Im glad I improved my score by 20 more points from 67 to 87 , I want to mention that when I had my first exam and I received my score I didnt know what to do, I was in shock and I thought what I am going to do? Then I joined your program and I heard everyone was saying that to do well in the ToeflIbt , we just have to follow your instructions and thats what I did and now I see the results after 4 months of intense work, another true thing is that you dont have to travel so far to get a training, you just have to joing the 7step system and thats it!  Thanks Micheal! and as you always say: Ill keep on the good work! Probably my next target will be 100 points which I thought it was impossible before , but is not true , the truth is how far you can see and who is coaching you! Have a good one!

And here is the reply that his TOEFL teacher sent to him:

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