TOEFL Intonation with Items Practice

In this lesson, you will learn TOEFL intonation with items in a series. In addition, improving your pronunciation in this area will improve your delivery during the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. Therefore, improving your delivery will help you to score higher on the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. Most importantly, if you learn to vary your tone, you will be able to speak more clearly to native English speakers.

TOEFL intonation with items

The picture shows people riding a bicycle, running on a dirt road, and stretching in a facility.

TOEFL Intonation with Items Practice: Pause after each item

Notice how I pause after each item in the following two sentences:

1.  To improve your TOEFL score, you will need to improve academic reading, listening, speaking, and writing skill areas.


2. Many students improve their reading by increasing their vocabulary recognition, achieving a reading speed of at least 350 words per minute, learning TOEFL reading test-taking strategies, and completing TOEFL-level reading practice tests.


Use a slightly higher inflection at the end of each item except the last

In addition, to pausing, you should use a higher intonation at the end of each item except the last. Notice how I  vary my tone in the following two sentences:

1.  My phone number is (909) 880-0332.


2. Over the years, I have enjoyed several hobbies that keep my mind mentally and physically healthy: running, reading self-help books, hiking, and gardening.

Listening Practice Exercise for Intonation with Items in a Series

Which answer uses the most natural-sounding tone?  Also, you can make a voice recording of each sentence. Then you should compare your tone that I model as I read these sentences.

1. Students, faculty, parents, administration, and anyone else may attend our graduation ceremony.




2.  Most people like to shop, hang out with friends, and take short naps during the day.



3. When I snack, I like to eat apples, potato chips, gummy candy, and yogurt.




4. Professor Jones focused his lecture on three important areas of biology: photosynthesis, meiosis, and mitosis.




5.  Where you go, to whom you speak, and whether you complete your required homework assignments are none of my concern.




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