TOEFL iBT Grammar: Verbs Followed by Gerunds

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL  iBT

Exam!” Get a TOEFL iBT lesson today!


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Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL  iBT

Exam!” Get a TOEFL iBT lesson today!

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2 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT Grammar: Verbs Followed by Gerunds”

  1. Aziza:

    Scoring high on TOEFL speaking is not just about speaking fluently; rather, it is about being organized. Remember that each speaking task has a specific organization to it; these patterns are also known as templates. Why don’t you send me outlines of how you would answer the six speaking tasks. And, then, I can judge whether or not you know how to organize your TOEFL iBT speaking tasks.

    You will need to work extra hard to make the improvements you seek. I have three links from ETS I want you to (re)read. Practice everything that is suggested for 1 month, and then, if you want, we can do some 1 one 1 coaching with some writing and speaking tasks. Of course, there will be a fee involved should you decide to have me coach you. Here are the links:

    1. Improve your reading

    2. Improve your writing

    3. Improve your speaking

    I also recommend that you purchase the following lessons so that you develop a more coherent organization to your writing and speaking tasks.

    Writing Lesson 1

    Writing Lesson 2

    Speaking Lesson 1

    Speaking Lesson 2

    Good luck to you,


  2. I like most of your lesson.I took the toefl test last month after preprtion for 2 months . Iused be subscriber to your newsletter .I got a very bad score L21,R 19,W 17 ,S 20 .EVENTHOUGH most people that I met said I speak fluntly.I Need your help since I have to get higher score to be regitered pharmsist in united state . I feel frustrated .thanks

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