S. needs a plan to bring up his TOEFL writing score from 14 to 22 pts

For the next month, spend time studying vocabulary, grammar, and writing lessons.  In the grammar lessons, do NOT forget to complete the grammar and writing exercises in lesson 7. Budget your time each day in three areas:
1. Learning my TOEFL vocabulary words and completing quizzes
2. Studying grammar and completing practice exercises.
3.  Studying writing lessons and completing at least two practice tests each week between now and the day that you take the TOEFL iBT.  Complete an independent and integrated writing practice test each week so that you can get feedback from us.
4. If you have extra time, complete some of my listening lessons and practice tests.
5.  If you have extra time, work on increasing your reading speed to 300 words per minute.


Thank you for sending me message.I have a quick question for you.Sir, I have my toefl exam on April 20th and I’m not good at my writing skills.My previous score was like this:

Can you suggest me from where to start in your course as my exam is near by??



This article was written by Michael Buckhoff–co-founder and materials writer for Better TOEFL Scores and The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT, Composition and Linguistics Professor, TOEFL Specialist, ESL Master Instructor, and Placement and Testing Coordinator for California State University, San Bernardino.Follow more posts and videos from Michael at Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.


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