Nupur uses an Online TOEFL Course and two months later scores 103.

Scheduled TOFEL test date on 28 Sep. 2013; Nupur needed Michael’s guidance for scoring 100 in total with 26 in speaking. By enrolling in his Online TOEFL Course: “The 7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” Nupur was preparing for her board exam (OTR/L) which requires a 100 passing TOEFL score with 26 in speaking. Wondering how much time would be sufficient for her meet her target score while simultaneously preparing for her OTR/L exam; since this was her last time, Nupur was recommend roughly a two month study time since her current TOEFL score is 89.

Nupur’s comments were as follows:

“Hey Michael,

This is Nupur, I want join your Online TOEFL Course. I am preparing for my board exam (OTR/L), besides that it require 100 passing TOEFL score & 26 in speaking .This time last chance to get this score. Please guide me in this. According to you, how much time sufficient for me as simultaneously have to prepare for my OTR/L exam. I want you to improve my strength & weakness be it in Reading, Listening, and Writing.

I am confident with my speaking as every time of TOEFL I score 26 in speaking. I know it is difficult to achieve 100 score in 1 half month of time, but I am in a very miserable situation as have my OTR exam & company who sponsor me say that by October end I have to clear both exams. I want to assess my weaknesses & strength with your Mock TOEFL tests which give better idea about my performance. I am free all the day, as my complete objective is to pass OTR & TOFEL.”

With regards to Nupur’s email, she was told if her current TOEFL score is 89, it is not that difficult to improve to 100 in one and a half month’s time.

Moreover, having a mock TOEFL test is not always the solution for everyone. You need to build your academic English proficiency. In Michael’s opinion, “the purpose of having a mock test is to give you a chance to mark your progress so you have a benchmark, to familiarize yourself with TOEFL format, to give you an idea of what you weaknesses are, and to allow you to apply effective test-taking skills and strategies to the exam.” For this reason, it is important to mark your progress; if you have already taken the exam, you are familiar with TOEFL format; and the score report that ETS gives you after taking the TOEFL iBT exam which explains in detail your reading, listening, writing, and speaking weaknesses.

Once someone like Nupur is familiarized with TOEFL format and has an idea of what her weaknesses are, it is important to learn and apply effective test-taking skills & strategies to the exam with English proficiency. This is what Michael’s course offers students.

When completing reading lessons, Nupur was able to learn effective reading habits such as: discerning main ideas and details, how to understand vocabulary from context, and to understand the organization of reading passages including transitions, and having the ability to make inferences. In addition, with Michael’s reading practice tests’, Nupur’s ability to read from 100 to 350 words per minute is tested which allows for her to increase her overall reading speed.

When completing 40 plus listening practice tests, Nupur was able to learn to catch the main idea and important details of campus-related and academic listening passages. By learning an extensive practice in: inferencing, idioms, negative expressions, getting the main idea, and understanding transitions; Nupur improved her listening strengths and weaknesses, such at she was able to be more effective when writing and giving oral summaries about the different lectures.

When completing grammar lessons, Nupur was able to improve her punctuation, editing, and writing. Reason being, she was able to learn: basic and advanced sentence structures, verb tenses, word choice, and word forms. Similarly while working on Michael’s writing exercises, Nupur was able to gain competence in independent and integrated writing skills like: decoding the writing task, organizing a coherent response, and writing detailed developmental paragraphs.

Because of this and much more, Nupur’s English proficiency improved steadily during her one and a half month subscription. Thus resulting in her new TOEFL score of 103 with: R-27, L-25, S-26, and W-25! Meeting her TOEFL score was a success and so was her OTR/L exam. Like Nupur, consider joining Michael’s course if you are interested in improving your English proficiency as easy as tomorrow.

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