TOEFL Private Lessons

On this web page, you can sign up for up for TOEFL private lessons. Each lesson is 1 hour. Your TOEFL private tutor will tailor your lesson based on your current TOEFL score and  subtotal score requirements. Like countless other students in the past, your TOEFL private tutor will help you to reach your TOEFL target score.

TOEFL Private Lessons

Who will teach me these 1-hour private lessons?

Michael Buckhoff will teach your these lessons.

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What materials/books will I need if I purchase 1-hour TOEFL private lessons?

Once you purchase your TOEFL lesson, your TOEFL private tutor will use his Online TOEFL Course “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT” (700 TOEFL Lessons!) as the materials for your lessons.  In addition, your TOEFL private tutor will also use the lessons (867 TOEFL Lessons!). Finally, your TOEFL private tutor may recommend some additional materials or books that you should use during your TOEFL journey.

How will you teach me these 1-hour lessons?

Your TOEFL private tutor will use Skype to make video phone calls from his personal computer to yours. During the video call, your TOEFL private tutor will also use screen capture technology so that you can see the materials on his personal computer.

Since this is a face-to-face Skype video call, you will be able to see your tutor’s face, and he will be able to see yours. Having this face-to-face visual is imperative if you want accent reduction practice. For instance, your TOEFL private tutor wants to see how you produce the consonant and vowel sounds. That way he can see you what you are doing incorrectly which will help him to give you the most effective training to help you speak more fluently and more clearly. Indeed, accent reduction training is common for those TOEFLers who want to score higher than 26 on the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT.

Whatever type of TOEFL practice you want, you will need to have a personal computer which has a high-speed Internet connection.

How do I purchase these 1-hour TOEFL lessons?

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    I am waiting to help you reach your TOEFL target score. 

    Michael Buckhoff,



    Carlos: Before I took TOEFL private lessons with Michael, I did not know my writing problems. After two hours of TOEFL skype tutoring, I figured out how to make thesis and topic sentences to organize my writing better.  Also, Michael error corrected four of my independent  and integrated writing tasks so that I could find my grammatical errors.  Finally, I was able to improve my TOEFL writing score from 21 to 24 points. Thanks, Michael for all your tutoring.

    Julie: Before I met Michael, I did not know how to prepare correctly for the test, I tutored with him for three hours.  I learned that I needed a 3-Month TOEFL Course to help me reach my target score and subtotal scores. Finally, I was able to complete a pronunciation pre-test so I could figure out which vowel and consonant sounds I was having very difficulties.  After Michael’s tutoring and after completing his 3-Month TOEFL course, I improved my TOEFL score from 71 to 92. Thanks, Michael! I am telling all my friends about you.

    Alaa: Geez! What can I say? Before Michael, I had taken the TOEFL 33 times spending 1000’s and 1000’s of dollars taking courses and retaking the TOEFL exam over and over and over and over and over. And over again! I came across Michaels blog post about TOEFL hell. I realized that I was stuck in TOEFL hell. I tutored with Michael for 25 hours and joined his TOEFL Writing and Speaking Boot Camp courses.  Finally, I was able to score 27 and 25 on the speaking and writing sections of the TOEFL exam. In the past, I could not score higher than 24 and 22 on the speaking and writing sections.  Michael’s tutoring and his speaking and writing boot camp courses helped me to leave TOEFL hell and to move on with my life. 

    Wie-Sun: I needed to score high on the TOEFL exam, but on the speaking section I only scored 22 points.  I took the TOEFL exam several times, but I could not punch through the 26 requirement for speaking. I was lost. I did not know what I was doing wrong.  I decided to tutor with Michael for 6 hours.  Very quickly he figured out my pronunciation, language use, and topic development problems.  He told me each day to study lessons from his STEALTH TOEFL course.  Then during our tutoring sessions, I practiced about 3-6 speaking tasks, and Michael gave me instant feedback. I made some corrections, and then completed more practice tests. Thanks to Michael I was able to improve my score from 22 to 28 points.

    Tsu Peng: I was in TOEFL writing hell for six months and then tutored with Michael for 10 hours. He corrected my grammar mistakes, more importantly he showed me how to develop my body paragraphs so that I could score higher. Michael enrolled me in his TOEFL writing boot camp course at not extra charge, and after three weeks I improved my score from 23 to 27 points.

    Hiroko: I still not speak and writing good Englihs. Still with 15 hours of tutoring with Michael, I improved my TOEFL score. Aslo, he give me access to his TOEFL coruse, and I practiced every day still.  I improved my TOEFL score from 45 to 62. Thank, mIchael for your help.

    Naif: Michael, you are the best.  I was able to improve my score from 65 to 91. Thank you especially for the speaking and writing tutoring you gave me. Now I feel more confident when I speak to native speakers. My speech is faster and more clearer. Others say that they can understand me better. I will recommend your service to my friends in KSA.

    Ahmed: Michael is one in a million tutor. His 31 years of teaching experience helped me to understand how to improve my weak points so that I could score higher on the reading, listening, speaking, and writing sections of the exam. I improved my TOEFL score from 102 to 110 after 6 hours of tutoring and after using his 1-Month TOEFL course.

    Noush: I read a lot of horror stories of social media of students who had to take the TOEFL exam many times before reaching their target scores. I had not taken the TOEFL exam before, and I did not know how to prepare. Luckily, I was able to tutor with Michael, who

    Had me take a full-length TOEFL practice test to find my current TOEFL level.

    Recommended his 3-Month TOEFL Course so that I could improve my TOEFL practice test score approximately 20 points.

    Went the new TOEFL Speaking Section with its four tasks so that I could learn how to organize my responses.

    Graded 28 speaking and 21 writing practice tests over a 3 month period.

    Helped me reach my target score of 101 on my first try.

    Felipe: I needed to clear my physical therapy license but, I could not get 26 on the speaking section.  I tutored with Michael for 11 hours, and during that time he gave me a lot of accent reduction practice because, according to my TOEFL score report, I have some problems with my delivery. Michael helped me to improve my sentence rhythm, intonation, and thought groups and blending.  By the grace of God almighty, I scored 26 points on the speaking section.

    Augustine: Take some of Michael’s TOEFL private lessons, you will not be dissappointed. He has more knowledge about teaching English that anyone I have ever met. IN fact, he helped me to score 26 and 28 on the speaking and writing sections of the exam.

    Ricardo: When I first started lessons, Michael was talking too fast. However, after I told him to slow down, he did.  His careful and thoughtful explanations about how i could my speaking and writing skills helped me to reach my target scores of 24 and 27 points.  Thank you, Michael, for all your help and guidance. I could not have done it without your help.

    Emmanuel: Before tutoring with Michael, I had used Magoosh, Notefull, TOEFL Professor Corey, and ETS’s TOEFL iBT Course. I had taken the TOEFL 17 times, each time falling short of my goal of 100. Then I tutored with Michael for 23 hours. During that time, he gave me access to his Online TOEFL Course.  I completed many pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests.  Michael gave me specific skill-building exercises to complete, and I started to improve. After 3 months of practice, I took the TOEFL exam again, this time reaching my goal of scoring 110. Thank you, Michael, for all of your invaluable feedback.

    Stefan: This guy Michael is amazing. He is literally has more knowledge about English grammar that all of the grammar books in the world, including Understanding and Using English Grammar by Betty Azar. After Michael’s tutoring, for example, I learned how to use adjective, adverb, and noun clauses more accurately in my speaking and writing responses.

    Moshe: I could not have figured about my pronunciation problems without Michael’s help. Michael had me read academic passages everyday when I tutored with him. He showed me how to pause and how to link certain sounds at the end of one word to the beginning sound of the next work. Thanks to Michael my worst section on the TOEFL became my best section. So, I scored 29 on the speaking section of the TOEFL exam. I am no longer afraid to talk to native speakers.

    Melba: If I had met Michael a lot sooner I would have saved so much money. In only 6 tutoring sessions, Michael showed me how to organize and develop my independent and integrated writing tasks. Then he corrected 7 of my writing practice tests, three days after I stopped tutoring with Michael, I retook the TOEFL exam and scored 29 on the writing section. I was shocked!  He can help you too.

    Delinda: Go for it. Michael has mentored 1000’s and 1000’s of students since 1994. He helped me in only 17 tutoring lessons to improve my speaking and writing scores to 25 and 28 points.  Trust me. A small investment of a few 100 dollars will help you to understand exactly what you are doing wrong in your TOEFL preparation studies. PLus, Michael will help you to improve your reading, listening, speaking, and writing scores.

    Tristan: Before micjhael, I was a ship in the middle of the ocean with no anchor. I did not know how to pass the TOEFL exam. I did not know how to improve my speaking and writing academic skills. After tutoring with Mr. Michael, I got the right study plan based on my current level. He gave me tons of feedback to help me improve my pronunciation and grammar. I practiced his recommended lessons over and over, many of them right from this TOEFL Blog. I retook the TOEFL exam, and lo and behold I scored 104, which was a great improvement from my previous score of 92.

    Whitney: I was hesitant to take TOEFL lessons. I had not done that before. In the first lesson, Michael made feel relaxed, and he was very polite when he corrected  my speaking and writing mistakes. I took several more lessons, and then Michael told he that I did not need to study with him anymore. I retook the TOEFL exam and improved my score by 21 points: (103) R = 25 , L=24, S= 26, and W = 27.