Unity and TOEFL Writing

What is unity and TOEFL writing? Why is it important for your TOEFL writing score? How do you write a unified TOEFL essay?


Unity and TOEFL Writing


What is unity and TOEFL writing?

All good writing, including TOEFL writing, contains unity. Unity means oneness or singularity. When your TOEFL writing is unified, you will stick to a central idea. This idea is evident through

Why is this important for your TOEFL writing score?

A close observation of the official TOEFL Independent Writing Rubrics reveal that essays that score 5 must have unity. Therefore, if you learn how to write a unified essay, you increase your chances of getting the highest score on the TOEFL exam.

How do you create TOEFL unity?

Suppose you saw the following writing prompt:

  • Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Employees should change jobs frequently in order to gain more experience. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion. Do not use memorized examples.

You will want to make sure that your essay is unified around the purpose of this writing response.

First, you should write a thesis that introduces the most important points:

  • Indeed, employees who frequently change jobs will gain more experience, will likely receive promotions, and will have much more job satisfaction.

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Second, create clearly framed topic sentences for your body paragraphs.

  • Employees who often change jobs gain extensive work experience.
  • In addition, by changing jobs frequently, employees will likely get lucrative promotions.
  • Finally, employees who move from one job to the next will have better job satisfaction.

To learn more about topic sentence creation, CLICK HERE.

Lastly, create relevant supporting details for your body paragraphs.

Employees who often change jobs gain extensive work experience. To illustrate, my friend Tom graduated with an MA in Accounting from Brigham Young University, one of the premier business schools in the United States. He landed his first job at Walmart Corporation in Arkansas, and while he was there for two years, he learned managerial accounting skills, particularly in that he conducted payroll and tracked all expenses and profits. Tom then moved to Southern California, where he landed a job with Keebles and Bits dog food company. In addition to his accounting tasks, he also was in charge of managing thirteen other accountants, so he learned how to supervise co-workers. Finally, after another 1.5 years, Tom took a job with Google in the Silicon Valley on the outskirts of San Francisco, and at this company he learned online marketing skills. Had Tom not changed jobs frequently, he would not have learned important accounting, management, and marketing business skills.

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