Megumi, who is enrolled in an Online TOEFL Course, is working very hard to reach her goal of 80.

Some time ago, Megmui enrolled in an Online TOEFL  Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT,” and she needed some encouragement from Michael Buckhoff, her TOEFL mentor who created the 330 lessons that she is now studying:

Dear Mr. Buckhoff,
Thank you for your comment while you are too busy.
I was encouraged.
However, I am always struggling.
Would you be able to direct me how to prepare for TOEFL efficiently?
I know hastiness is not good, but I want to get at least 80 score of TOEFL despite my recent score of 74 in May and 67 in June.
I found your course when I could not get 80 score of TOEFL after I had reviewed my textbooks I had gotten in an English language school.
Also I’m old and don’t have smart brain as young people in your video, who improved their scores a lot after studying your course for a couple of months.
Can I take TOEFL that I have already registered next month to improve my score a little bit?
Do I need to practice trial examinations of the ETS when I’m studying in your course?
Please help me and give me your advice.
Since it is on weekend today, I’ll wait to get your reply on weekday when you work regularly.
I hope you have good weekend.
However, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

To Megumi’s surpirse. Michael answered her E-mailed the same day, which was by the way on Sunday, Michael’s day off.  Here is what he said to her:



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