TOEFL iBT 800 Word Reading Passage: Learn How to Read It.

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT Exam!” 

Michael Buckhoff is the co-founder and author of a TOEFL iBT Blog at (Helpful Insights to Pass the TOEFL iBT) and of TOEFL iBT products at http (Pass the TOEFL iBT in 7 Easy Steps).

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Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT Exam!”

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19 thoughts on “TOEFL iBT 800 Word Reading Passage: Learn How to Read It.”

  1. @pelusatugce wow how you manage to get those high score pls give me some tips m taking it next week pls !! how ? you know in my country the best score people got only 86 or 90

  2. @markwills30 Hey mark are a native speaker of English? and you got 18 in your reading… how come if you are a native speaker of english? ÖMy mother tongue is Turkish and I got 102 out of 120.. My reading score was 25..

  3. Mr. Buckoff, I have a question: the summary questions are worth 2 points, and I have to choose three sentences. If I pick two correct sentences and one wrong, I get 0 points or 1,333… points? I’m going to take the test on July 10th. I aprecciate your attention and thanks for sharing your tips.


  4. thank you! im takin toefl tmrw! so nervous, kk! anyway, for me speaking and writing will be hardest!

  5. I got 18 in my reading but I am planning on taking the test again, I want to get at least 25, my score overall was 68, but I think it all had to do with the fact that I had a hard time concentrating, I think I could have done much better, anyways, I thought I would share this with you guys. thanks

  6. I’ve got 23 on the Reading Section (iBT). From my experience, you should not rushed any the time while you’re doing the reading section. You HAVE plenty of time (of course, as long as you’re maintaining a adequate reading speed.) Take your time, be sure to look for details as you needed.
    Recently, I was frustrated when I encountered the TOEFL Reading passages. That’s why I did not score well on that section ( I usually got >27 on all of the practice tests.)
    Good luck!!! 😀

  7. @malcalas you can google the score conversion chart…from me, your score would be most likely above 90 :)…(cause i’ve got 90..and it is equivalent to 577 PBT)

  8. Hello I scored 585 points on the Institutional TOEFL paber-based test, do you have any idea of what that would be in the TOEFL ibt?

  9. I don’t think you need any science background, much of the science’s questions in the test are given in the same text.

  10. alot sometimes i think i’m in the wrong test center class because of the science stuff in the toefl lol i studied the energy sources and the renwable energy and helped me

  11. How much time do we have to read such a text?

    I’ve been reading Scientific American… do these kinds of articles help?

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