Toefl IBT Speaking: Independent Task: Free Choice

Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT


A strategic overview of the first of the independent tasks on the speaking portion of the ibt. This video was produced by David Hattem, a professor in the Program for American Language Studies (PALS) at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. David has been teaching the speaking and listening sections of the TOEFL IBT for the past two years. (New version; improved audio)

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Michael Buckhoff’s “7 Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT


Watch Video: Learn about S.T.E.A.L.T.H.

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21 thoughts on “Toefl IBT Speaking: Independent Task: Free Choice”

  1. Gosh I hate this test! So boring! What’s the point of doing 6 speaking?!? I did also the GMAT but this is wayy to boring!

  2. Thank you so much for your help. I got my 26 points on the speaking part. I knew that this video is very helpful. Every dummie can learn that. Thank you so much again. Now I am preparing for my N-clex RN, but that is easy :).

  3. If you would like, you could send me a sample of your speaking and I can tell you what you might need to focus on.

  4. Thnak you, my test is next week on January 30th. I am so scared. I have token this test couple of times and need to get 26 on speaking. My last score was 24 :(.

  5. I have three TOEFL videos: free-choice, paired-choice and general to specific. I also have a grammar video about subordinating conjunctions of surprise, such as: even though, though and although. I also have videos of native speakers talking about simple topics, which is an excellent resource for the first two toefl speaking questions. See how these native speakers talk about a topic in 1-2 minutes.

  6. Good luck Carlos. Focus on coherency: use signal words to help the listener understand how you have organized your response. It’ll make your response easy to understand and translate into a higher score

  7. Exellent video, thank you so much. Best video I have seen so far. I am watching over and over. I saw only two videos with you 🙁 Is there any more?

  8. Your welcome….Check back next month. I’ll be teaching a TOEFL class then and will be adding some other videos.

  9. i love this video !!you are so nice sharing selflessly this infos ,.thanks you for sharing this video , i was able to pick up a lot of good things to improve my way of answering different questions in the essay part,.again thanks a lot ,.

  10. Any time rantac. I’m just finishing a second video now about the paired-choice response. I’ll be posting it later on today. If you have any questions or would like for me to listen to a sample response you’ve made, let me know.

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