New TOEFL Exam Video for August 2019

One of my colleages, Michael Goodine, created a New TOEFL exam video. Moreover, the video helps test-takers understand the new TOEFL exam coming out on August 1, 2019. In fact, Goodine at TOEFL Resources got a hold of the new version of the TOEFL iBT and recently took the full-length four hour simulated test. Here is what he found out.

New TOEFL Video
New TOEFL Video for August 2019

Number of questions

The number of questions in the reading, listening, and speaking section will be reduced.  Consequently, Goodine’s video will tell you how many reading, listening, speaking, and writing questions will appear on the TOEFL exam.


With fewer reading and listening questions, how much time you will spend answering each question will change.  Watching this video will help you understand how much time you will need to spend on each reading and listening question. That way you will be able to complete both sections without wasting too much time on each question.


Two specific reading question types did not appear on the simulation test that Goodine took.  In addition, Goodine noticed that the speaking section contained two fewer questions. As a result, Goodine’s video will tell you which reading and speaking question types no longer appear on the actual TOEFL exam coming out in August 2019.  Thus, once you know this, you will not waste time practicing reading or speaking questions that are no longer on the TOEFL exam.  Most TOEFL books and web sites will not contain this new and important updated information.

New TOEFL exam video

Enjoy the video!


TOEFL Practice

Are you ready to finish the TOEFL exam once and for all. Do you want to finish the TOEFL before all the changes take place on August 1, 2019?  Click on the link to

  • Find a TOEFL course that best fits your situation.
  • Start completing pronunciation, speaking, and writing practice tests.
  • Get feedback from a qualified TOEFL mentor so that you can monitor your progress.

Good luck!

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