Anulikene, who is taking an Online TOEFL Course, has a question about pausing and whether or not contractions should be used during the TOEFL indpendent and integrated writing tasks.

Anulikene, needing to pass the exam with high marks, enrolled in an Online TOEFL Course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT.”  After completing a few pronunciation and speaking practice tests, she noticed that she getting lower marks because of her delivery.  Because she wants to score high on the speaking section of the exam, Anulikent sent the following E-mail message to her TOEFL mentor Michael Buckhoff, who is also the owner, founder, materials writer for all the lessons in her course:

Hi Michael,this is ur student always comment on my delivery.(pauses) .If i talk fast without catching a breath,the flow may cease because i am a stammerer.but if i talk slowly,i do not stammer as it better to state at the beginning of my speech that i stammer?? please advice.also when writting,is it safe to use words like -won’t,can’t,couldn’t?
thank u so much!

After reading her E-mail message, Michael prepared a video response to answer her questions about pausing and using contractions. Here is what he said:


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