Ozlem is looking for an Online TOEFL Course to improve her listening, writing, and speaking proficiencies.

Not having done so well in the last TOEFL exam, Ozlem is looking for an Online TOEFL Course to improve her listening, writing, and speaking proficiencies.  Finally, she found an online course called “The 7-Step System to Pass the TOEFL iBT”, which seemed to have everything she was looking for.  So, she did what most visitors seem to be doing: she left a comment explaining her situation to the course creator:


I got 69 from TOEFL 3 months ago and I need 80 until 6th of July. I had to register because I have conditional acceptance from really important university for me. Actually, I know what is my problem but I’m doing it continuously. For listening section, I always give wrong answers on “Interference, Speaker’s implication and Rhetorical Function” questions. For writing section,I always get confuse about major and minor ideas in a paragraph like writing a major then continue to it with unrelated minor. I mean, my connections are weak in a paragraph. And for speaking, I got 18. How can I improve my speaking score?

I will be glad if you help me about these problems.

Thank you very much.

Of course, telling about her weaknesses and what she wanted in an Online TOEFL course were important since it would give course creator and founder Michael Buckhoff more information so that he could help her achieve her goals. Here is what Michael said to Ozlem:


After  watching the video, Ozlem had more of an idea of how this Online TOEFL Course could help her improve her listening, writing, and speaking proficiencies. And she especially liked the idea of how she could post writing and speaking practice tests online after which an iBT TOEFL specialist would read/listen to and make written, audio, or video comments to help her get better.   As a result, she took a leap of faith and registered for the course.

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