9 thoughts on “Six Easy Steps to Improve Your TOEFL iBT Independent Writing Skills”

  1. hi micheal. i have started your course before 4 days. i am not able to see this six steps to improve…….. video. can u help me please?

  2. Hi, Michael
    Unfortunately, I could not watch this video. Could you help me that how can I watch it?
    Thanks for your really helpful online courses.

  3. Hi Michael,
    I am using your courses for the past one and half month.I feel i have improved very much and all of your classes are very useful. The six exercises to improve writing video is quite amazing.Your presentation is lucid and apparently increased my interest towards english language apart from my Toefl ibt prepartion.The way you handle the language and the tips you give for the students are really impressive.Thankyou very much for making the hard things easy to understand.

  4. Hi,Michael just i want your comment only on the introduction part of my essay.
    here is the question-do you agree or disagree with recycling?
    Everyday,technology is getting better and better to change the day to day life of people.One of the things that always surprising me is recycling,because it makes a diffrence in peoples lives,on the global warming and the beauty of the country.Yes I do belive that recycling is a gteat process.Below I will illustrat my poins.

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