To score 26, students will need TOEFL iBT speaking practice in three areas.

In order for test-takers to score above 26/30 on the exam, they will need TOEFL iBT speaking practice to help them improve their delivery, language use, and topic development.

First of all, test-takers wanting to improve their delivery will need TOEFL iBT speaking practice designed to help them pinpoint problems that they may be having with pronunciation. Therefore, these test-takers will typically complete a pronunciation pre-test to help them determine their strength and weaknesses: vowels, consonants, syllable division, grammatical word endings, word stress, sentence rhythm, intonation, thought groups, and blending. Then, after completing a pre-test and getting qualified feedback from TOEFL iBT pronunciation specialist, these test-takers will practice specific lessons until their pronunciation is more natural sounding and fluent. Once test-takers feel they have mastered all the pronunciation lessons, they will complete a final post-test and get a final assessment of their pronunciation strengths and weaknesses.

Second of all, test-takers wanting their improve their language use complete independent and integrated speaking practice tests on a daily basis so that their TOEFL iBT speaking specialists can become more familiar with these grammar and vocabulary limitations that they might have. For instance, if a student completes an independent speaking practice test and the speaking specialist notices that the student is avoiding or misusing adjective clauses, then the specialist will show the students how to rephrase the sentence in more complex and accurate way. In addition, if the speaking specialist notices that the student is using mostly basic vocabulary, he/she can present alternative synonyms that will help the student score higher. In both cases, the TOEFL iBT speaking specialist can recommend specific grammar and vocabulary lessons to help the student score higher on the speaking section of the exam.

Third of all, test-takers who want to improve their topic development will also complete independent and integrated speaking practice tests so that their TOEFL iBT speaking specialists will be able to determine if they are having problems organizing and developing ideas. Case in point, test-takers need to learn how to coherently organize their ideas in a way that makes it easy for their audience to distinguish between their most important and least important ideas. Perhaps, students are not creating sharply-focused topic statements, or maybe the details they use are not specific enough to strongly support the generalizations they use. In either case, TOEFL iBT speaking specialist will be able to guide these students in a way that they learn how to organize their ideas more effectively, and they learn how to provide more relevant supporting details.

In the final analysis, test-takers, if they get appropriate TOEFL iBT speaking practice, they will learn to overcome the delivery, language use, and topic development problems that they have. Of course, overcoming these obstacles will help them score higher than 26/30 points on the speaking section of the TOEFL iBT exam.

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