FREE: Complete a TOEFL speaking practice test and get a score!


Are you getting ready to take the TOEFL exam?

Do you want to know your TOEFL speaking level from 0 – 30 points?

Follow the link on this page so that you take an independent speaking practice test and get a score from Michael Buckhoff, who has a Master’s Degree in English Composition with an emphasis on TESL with more than 22 years of TOEFL teaching experience.

Mr. Buckhoff has scored more than 15,000 TOEFL speaking practice tests from his online students, and he is ready to score your speaking practice test for free.

Get your TOEFL speaking evaluated for free: Click Here

12 thoughts on “FREE: Complete a TOEFL speaking practice test and get a score!

  1. Hey Michael, my name is Daniel I am from Kazakhstan but I now live in China. I have a family here a wife and one child. My main aim in passing TOEFL IBT is to improve my overall lan guage competence. Personally I think that I need to focus on speaking and writing because I think those are my vulnerable and weak spots which need to be reinforced. Hopefully with help of this educational web site I will be able to reach my goal and become confident English speaker. Actually I have already paid for the course of learning I nedd to start my training as soon as possible. And by the way sorry for my rudeness Michael, I am looking forward to your feedback. Thanks in advance.

  2. Please I need some advices
    Me name is Andrea I need 61 in mi toefl exam
    My last score was R 13 L 6 w 14 E 15
    Is importan for me becouse i need graduate for the medicine in colombia
    My date is 31 the oct 2015

  3. Hello, Michael! I just took my first practice toefl test and received 84. It’s really upsetting because I aim to get 105. I really need your help and I have 3 months maximum before the test. If you can make me a schedule plan and provide some tutoring or whatever you do it would be just great. Just please let me know all the details!


  4. Hi, I just have 57 days to my exam day, and I am consider about the reading skills and my scour. Do you have any specific suggestion for me?

    Thank you so much.

  5. Hi Sir, hope you are fine and doing well. I have been recently relocated to the States. I tried TOEFL Practice Test of Kaplan and i got 7 in Reading, 11 in Listening, 12 in Speaking, and 14 in Writing. Since I am going to apply for my MBA program in one of the US Schools, and there requirement is 80+ score. What should i do and from where should i start it, would you please let me know in order to start an online course with you.

  6. Hi Michael, My name is Yohanka and I was trying to score 84 in my TOEFL IBT. Unfortunately, it had not been possible yet due to the time- spending and not having the right course, I believe! So right now, I still do not have the right amount of the time, but I think with your help It will be more possible than before. my last score was R17, L17, S22,W21.

    Please I need some advices!!

    Very thankful ,


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