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I am an ESL and Linguistics professor at California State University, San Bernardino, California. Besides having a passion for teaching, I have a passion for long distance running. Google me and see how fast I can run--even at my age of 46.

“My TOEFL score is 96, but I need 98. How do I join your course?”

Getting a high TOEFL score!


Thank you for contacting me!  I just read your e-mail about your situation. Here is what you wrote:

Hi Michael,

How can I subscribe to you online course?

I took the exam and got 96, but I need 98.

24 reading/listening
23 speaking
27 writing

Last time (couple of weeks ago) I`ve scored 27 in the writing, 23 in the speaking and 23 in the reading/listening. I know I am not far away, but I need material to practice.

Would you help me?

I want to be ready in a month.

Thanks in advance.


It is so frustrating being so close to your goal, yet you have to re-take the TOEFL exam again.

To join my Online TOEFL Course, go here:   Follow the steps on that web page to join my course. Shortly thereafter, I will send you your password and username so that you can use my materials to prepare for the TOEFL for one month.

Since you are so close to your goal, focus on the pronunciation, speaking, listening, and reading parts of my course.  Make an effort to send me speaking practice almost every day so that I help you with delivery, language use, and topic development.

And, if you have any questions as you complete my lessons, remember that I am only an e-mail away: