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Step 1 – Super-Size Your TOEFL Vocabulary

Lesson 1

Step 1 – Super-Size Your Vocabulary

“Why is this this the first step in passing the TOEFL iBT?”

The first step to successfully pass the TOEFL iBT Exam is building vocabulary proficiency. Let’s face it. How can you understand college level vocabulary without having basic vocabulary? Moreover, how can you perform optimally when reading and listening to TOEFL iBT passages without a good vocabulary foundation? Finally, how can you support your generalizations on the speaking and writing sections with details without having practiced vocabulary beforehand? For example, if you are asked to summarize a lecture about mountain ranges in the United States, will you have sufficient vocabulary to accurately and intelligently complete the speaking or writing task?

“What do I get in TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson 1?”

In TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson 1, by watching a 14 minute video, you will get instruction in three areas:

1.   How to improve your TOEFL vocabulary skills by following several simple steps

2. How  to use 9 specific test-taking strategies to help you guess at the meaning of new words during the TOEFL iBT

3.  How to learn vocabulary so the words are stuck in your head forever

This first lesson  is like  laying a foundation of concrete before you build your dream house.  In other words, you will need not only to understand these nine vocabulary test-taking strategies but to be able to apply these strategies to new words during the listening, speaking, writing, and reading parts of the TOEFL iBT.  And, that is how you sky-rocket your TOEFL iBT score.  TOEFL Vocabulary lesson 1 helps you to learn and apply these strategies.  What are you waiting for?

“Why should I buy your lesson?  Can I get the same instruction

free somewhere else?”

You’ve read my blog posts and maybe you have received my E-mails.  I hope by this point you can trust that I will give you high-quality instruction adapted from my TOEFL iBT classes at California State University, San Bernardino.  Since 1994, I have taught almost 200 ten week TOEFL classes totaling  more than 1,600 hours. I have spent 1,600 hours of teaching to figure out a system that will help you to get the highest TOEFL iBT score in the shortest time possible. You should buy my lesson because I am qualified to teach it, and I will teach you all the skills you need to beat the TOEFL iBT.

As for getting my free instruction somewhere else,  consider this question:  “When you sit down to eat dinner, do you only want to eat an appetizer, or do you want the entire meal?”  Other free web sites (believe me I surf the internet everyday and check ’em) do not give a complete, organized approached to passing the TOEFL iBT like I do.  If they did, you would not be reading this message right now, would you?  At Better TOEFL Scores, I give you all the pieces of the puzzle to help you put together the academic English skills to pass the TOEFL iBT.  Teaching TOEFL is no joke.  It is serious business. TOEFL Vocabulary Lesson 1 is an inexpensive lesson to help you save thousands of dollars because I know if you take this lesson, you will pass the TOEFL iBT sooner than you can imagine.

**Once you purchase this lesson, Pay Pal will redirect you to a web page at which you will get your lesson information. The entire buying process is automated.**